Other "Safe Energy" Links

Nuclear Responsibility -- Canada

  • [ Campaign for Nuclear Phaseout ]
    This Ottawa-based group was well-connected with other Canadian groups critical of nuclear weapons, nuclear energy, and uranium mining.

  • [ Pembina Institute ]
    [search for "nuclear"] an enviornmental think-tank endowerd with alternative expertise and committed to clean energy solutions.

  • [ Northwatch ]
    Excellent environmental group in Northern Ontario, very good on nuclear waste issues of all kinds and reactor licensing.

  • [ Know Nuclear Waste ]
    Ontario public interest information project, with webinars and videos, that follows the Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) in its attempts to locate a "willing host community" for all of Canada's irradiated nuclear fuel.

  • [ Stop The Great Lakes Nuclear Dump ]
    a web site devoted to stopping Ontario Power Generation (OPG) from abandoning all the nuclear waste (except spent fuel) from all of Ontario's 20 power reactors in a Deep Geologic Repositort (DGR) less than a mile from Lake Huron.

    Nuclear Responsibility -- USA

  • [ Beyond Nuclear ]
    Useful news updates and action alerts on a wide range of nuclear issues.

  • [ Nuclear Information Resource Service (NIRS) ]
    Useful news updates and action alerts on a wide range of nuclear issues.

  • [ Fairewinds Energy Education ]
    provides a gold mine of excellent videos, interviews and analyses by ex-nuclear-engineer Arnie Gundersen and his guests.

  • [ Radioactive Waste Management Associates ]
    Over the years, a good source of information relevant to radioactive waste management, transport, and "disposal".

  • [ Plutonium Free Future ]

  • [ Citizen Alert ]
    A Nevada-based group focussed on high-level radioactive waste.

  • [ Ward Vally @envirolink ]
    An appeal to prevent a radioactive waste dump near San Francisco.

    Nuclear Responsibility -- Global

  • [ Nuclear Free Future Award ]
    "An international prize given out annually to further persons or organizations working to rid the planet of the nuclear scourge." A Munich-based project of the World Uranium Hearings, which focussed on the impacts of the global nuclear industry on indigenous peoples all over the world, held in Salzburg Austria.

    Information on the Cassini space probe, loaded with 72.3 lb (32.8 kg) of plutonium, which will be approaching the Earth later this year at 42,000 mph (64,000 kph).

  • [ Natural Resources Defense Council ]
    Excellent information on nuclear weapons and their carriers, as well as unsafe nuclear reactors in Russia and Eastern Europe.

  • [ Bulletin of Atomic Scientists ]
    The home page of the magazine that was founded by atomic scientists as a vehicle for information and as a matter of conscience in December 1945.

  • [ Greenpeace International Nuclear ]
    What's up with the various Greenpeace campaigns.

  • [ World Information Service on Energy (WISE) Uranium Project ]
    Lots of information here on the steps in the mining, refining, enrichment and production of uranium fuel, including corporate connections and industrial-environmental hazards.

  • [ World Information Service on Energy (WISE): (Amsterdam) ]
    The home page of the group that puts out the invaluable WISE newsletter packed with information from every corner of the world.

  • [ The Committee for Nuclear Responsibility ]
    Featuring the work of Dr. John Gofman, nuclear physicist and physician, a pioneer in both fields, on the health effects of radiation -- extraordinarily valuable because of his unique professional training and background and his unusual insight and clarity.

  • [ Radiation Effects Research Foundation ]
    A Japan-USA cooperative project to document the effects of atomic radiation on the survivors of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing.

  • [ RADNET - Center for Biological Monitoring (Maine) ]
    Information resource for persons interested in public safety consequences and radioecological impacts of "anthropogenic radioactivity" from nuclear accidents and leaks.

  • [ Scottish Anti-Nuclear group (N-BASE) ]

  • [ Swedish Anti-Nuclear Movement (FMKK) ]

  • [ Stop Monju Breeder Campaign (Japan) ]
    An urgent and very active campaign to stop the first Japanese breeder reactor, which would be plutonium-fueled.

  • [ Sustainable Energy and Anti-Uranium Service (Australia) ]

  • [ Stop Uranium Mining (Australia) ]

  • [ Stop Uranium Mining (Australia) ]
    The new homepage of the Traditional Owners of the proposed Jabiluka uranium mine site in Australia, the Mirrar people

    Non-Nuclear Alternatives -- Canada based

  • [ Sierra Club of Canada (National) ]

  • [ Energy Probe ]

  • [ The "Science For Peace" Energy Group ]

  • [ Canadian Solar Industries Association ]

  • [ The Centre for Alternative Transportation Fuels ]
    Maintained by the British Columbia Research Institute.

  • [ Energy Efficient Housing in Canada ]
    An interesting and useful archive, privately maintained.

  • [ Science For Peace ]
    This Toronto-based group of scientists favours the elimination of nuclear weapons.

  • [ Peace Magazine ]

    Non-Nuclear Alternatives -- USA-based

  • [ The Rocky Mountain Institute ]
    The organization founded by Amory and Hunter Lovins to document alternative energy possibilities in a coherent policy framework.

  • [ The Union of Concerned Scientists ]
    The Boston organization, originally out of M.I.T., run by scientifically trained people, challenges many of the orthodox assumptions about nuclear power and energy policy.

  • [ Institute for Energy and Environmental Research ]
    The Institute for Energy and Environmental Research website provides clear, understandable technical information regarding energy and environmental issues, particularly those related to nuclear topics, directed toward activists, journalists and concerned citizens and policy makers.

  • [ Redwood Alliance ]
    Redwood Alliance is a grass roots organization that works on a range of issues, including nuclear waste and renewable energy, and publishes the Nuclear Free Times.

  • [ Guide to Alternative Energy for Consumers ]
    lists a great many relevant topics that are hot-linked to appropriate internet resource material

  • [ National Environmental Coalition of Native Americans ]

    Non-Nuclear Alternatives -- global

  • [ Global 2000 (Austria) ]

  • [ Helio International ] is an NGO aiming "to assess, monitor and publicise the contribution of energy systems to genuine sustainable development."

  • [ Ecologia (Russia) ]

  • [ Bellona (Norway) ]

  • [ Energy issues ]

    Government Agencies -- Canada

  • [ Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation ]

  • [ Environment Canada ]

  • [ Energy, Mines and Resources ]

    Government Agencies -- USA

  • [ Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network (EREN) ]

  • [ National Centre for Atmospheric Research ]

  • [ National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) ]

    Government Agencies -- Other

  • [ The European Community's "Thermie" Programme ]